At the moment, there are a couple of commercials with bad jingles that are making my head hurt. I wish I could forget them but every time I hear them it makes me think how easy it would be to fix them! Airing a TV commercial that has a basic flaw in it at a high frequency, inevitably amplifies the flaw. It becomes not just forgettable, but highly irritating. The flaw can be something basic, like, in this case, the music. Here’s a reminder: music in a commercial has to be entertaining, it has to emphasize the drama in the commercial, it has to be memorable (in other words, a “brainworm”), it has to have lyrical, or poetic language, it must be targeted at the right audience, and it must be authoritative because of the stature of the artist who wrote it. Lastly, the words have to tie into the product’s unique selling proposition or brand value. (Here’s the rest of my rant…)

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