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Why Do You Keep Watching that Crazy Vlogger? …Let’s Talk About That (Part 4)

This continues the review of vloggers and bloggers who pass scrutiny and offer information that is original, of good quality and that uses proper citations. Many vloggers and podcasters complement their YouTube channel with a website or blog, and host their videos there and on other social media sites such as Instagram and Tumblr. The contents, though, stays the same for all platforms.

The categories of vlogs and blogs I have been assessing are;

  1. Curated contents generated by users (blogs or vlogs that host curated contents generated by users) – Bored Panda and Atlas Obscura, for instance
  2. Original contents, team generated (blogs or vlogs that have original contents generated and presented by a team), Welcome to Night Vale, for instance
  3. Original contents, host generated (blogs or vlogs that have original contents generated and presented by one person, the host)
  4. Business generated contents (businesses that publish blogs and vlogs to promote their services)
  5. Business hosted contents (businesses that curate and host contents generated by users or clients)

Type 2: Original team-generated contents (continued)

The problem with team-generated vlogs is that the team members are often the spokespersons or presenters who are the public-facing side of enterprises and corporations that are themselves not immediately identifiable. When the team that presents and hosts the video owns the channel and identifies themselves, then there is no more cause for concern.

The Grumpy YouTuber
Hey, a tuber is still a tuber, even if it is a grumpy YouTuber because it didn’t get enough likes. Earning a living on YouTube is hard. (Potato art by Red Pennant)

Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning, a purely entertaining and humorous vlog, currently has more than 16.5 MILLION (!) subscribers.

Good Mythical Morning (GMM) is a comedy, talk and variety YouTube series created by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. The show first aired on YouTube on January 9, 2012, and continues to be uploaded every weekday. McLaughlin and Neal – good friends by all accounts – start each episode off with the phrase: “Let’s talk about that.” And then they do.

GMM’s McLaughlin and Neal is a success story about how to become a top-earning “YouTuber” without losing your soul to get that old “like” thumbs-up. They have managed to stick to the basic format of their program through many years, grow their subscriber base, expand their product lines and still stay (apparently) really personable.

Founders Rhett & Link host Mythical’s flagship comedy talk show, Good Mythical Morning (GMM), which has over 16 million subscribers, 100 million monthly views, and nearly 6 billion lifetime views on YouTube. Their weekly podcast, Ear Biscuits, is filled with wildly entertaining personal stories and their eponymous channel features hilarious vlogs that the duo shoot themselves.

Source: Mythical Entertainment

Sometimes the videos are hilarious, sometimes just ridiculous. They host the show from a small studio with an audio and video crew of 28, many guests, and their own wives and children.

The show has been going for 17 seasons, and they recently introduced Good Mythical Summer in response to the COVID-19 lockdown, of which there have been 3 episodes hosted by either McLaughlin or Neal from their homes. The videos are a product of Mythical Entertainment, Inc., the entertainment company and lifestyle brand owned by McLaughlin and Neal. In total, for all the GMM channels, there have been 1802 episodes, as of Wednesday, August 26, 2020. Each episode runs for 9 – 30 minutes.

Authenticity checklist

  • Follow the money – is it self-funded and not owned by an undeclared party or agency? ✓ Yes, self-funded by advertising on their channels, merchandising and publishing.
  • Is the information from the original source?
  • Is the information attributed – do they credit the source? ✓ All the professional staff, guests, musicians, etc., are listed and credited.
  • Is the information balanced? ✓ Yes, unexpectedly, for a humorous program.
  • Are the production values good? ✓ Excellent
  • Does it offer contents that avoids rage, outrage, fear, or hate? ✓ Yes, everything is harmless except for the weird experiments on McLaughlin and Neal themselves. I guess they have insurance for that.
  • Does its writers adhere to some form of professional standard?
✓These guys are Good YouTubers.

Nasty stuff checklist

Does it contain…?

  • Clickbait X No
  • Content scraping X No
  • Copyright infringement X No
  • Misinformation / fake news / lies X No

So Good Mythical Morning – a purely entertaining group of video channels – is OK.

About Good Mythical Morning

While they look like hipsters and do very strange things at times, the two have matured over the years, getting married and having children. They are both well-spoken, good-looking and smart. They never swear on their show. The term “Mythicality”, that they coined, is now part of the IP of the show and fans can join the Mythical Society. The success of the GMM channel led to them publishing a book called Rhett and Link’s Book of Mythicality, and a novel called The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek.

GMM encompasses:

GMM credits:

  • Created by and starring Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal
  • Written by Kevin Kostelnik and Matt Carney
  • Directed by Morgan Locke
  • Theme music composer Royalty free music (2012–2014); Pomplamoose (2014–2017); Jeff Zeigler and Sarah Schimeneck (2017–2018); Mark Byers (2019–present)
  • No. of episodes 1802 (as of Wednesday, August 26, 2020) (list of episodes)
  • Executive producer(s) Stevie Wynne Levine
  • Producer(s) Stevie Wynne Levine, Chase Hilt, Davin Tjen, Chris Fancher
  • Editor(s) Matthew Dwyer, Casey Nimmer
  • Produced and distributed by Mythical Entertainment, Inc.

Next time: The Fifty and Joe Rogan Experience

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