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Ingenious and entertaining Christmas Greeting from Dr. Jun Cowan – made with Leapfrog

This is too good not to share: An ingenious, entertaining, and witty creation of a Christmas greeting by Dr. Jun Cowan, using the original Leapfrog software. Dr. Cowan is the conceptual founder of Leapfrog software, and a Deposit-scale Structural Geology Consultant.

Video by Jun Cowan, Shifting Perspectives, published Dec. 2022, retrieved Feb. 6, 2022

“I hope you all have a nice break over the festive season! The accompanying video is an update to the Christmas video I made 14 years ago in 2008! All modelled in the original Leapfrog software, which I helped to create from scratch and design (later marketed as Leapfrog Mining). Sadly Leapfrog Mining isn’t available any longer, even though it was more powerful, logical and far easier to use than the current Leapfrog Geo. Just check out how easily I am able to draw this. We were able to draw free hand and make volume domains on the fly using interpolation functions, which cannot be done with Leapfrog Geo. There are no tricks in this video. What you see in this video is just a sped up version what I actually did on screen. I’ll see you all in 2023!”

Jun Cowan
Deposit-scale structural geology consultant | Leapfrog software conceptual founder | Analysed over 600 drilled deposits

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