3. Your communications will be right the first time

Business owners would like to be able to stop worrying whether their external communications comply with NI 43-101 or AIM regulations, or any other applicable regulation, law or professional guideline. While there is no substitute for specialist legal counsel, it would be good not to have to bother such counsel with trivia in day-to-day external communications.

Business owners would also like to know that their business development and marketing activities combine logically into campaigns, rather than isolated events, that will build their brand and communicate their company’s performance.

To get these results right from the start, you need to have a skilled partner. Such a partner should have deep knowledge of your company’s systems, the operating ecosystem and the applicable regulations and guidelines. They should be able to develop communications campaigns to your specific requirements.

They should also be able to deliver your communications correctly in all respects the first time they do it, right from the start, with minimal supervision and involvement from the company’s executives.

Next benefit: You will be able to combine high utilization with a low hourly rate.

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