4. You will be able to combine high utilization with a low hourly rate

Recent research shows that, due to their higher costs, which may be due to overheads, insurance and higher total remuneration packages, agencies are utilized between 38% (for CEOs, MDs, GMs, etc.) and 85% (for lower-ranked account executives who are the S.P.O.C. for a client). For some clients, working with an established Public Relations or advertising agency is the right thing to do. For cost-conscious clients, employing freelancers might be a better option.

Even at the blended rate of 74.25% utilization for agencies, employing outsourced freelancers is still the single most cost-effective service option, combining a typically high level of utilization (92%) with a comparatively low hourly rate.  You will be able to gain this benefit by employing the services of Red Pennant.

The only comparative lower-cost resource would be a government employee, for instance a Community PR Officer, who might work on specific government campaigns or initiatives, or a junior administrative-level employee who would need ongoing supervision to produce the right work at the right time. For example:


Next benefit: A flat hourly rate and your choice of what gets done.

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