Branding by Red Pennant

Red Pennant Geoscience

Industry: Mining and Minerals
Backstory: Since we say we do branding, we have to lead by example. A new division in Red Pennant was formed in 2019, necessitating new branding to provide a unified look and feel. The style, as seen on this website, is clear, strong, monochrome with the emphasis on the “red” of “Red Pennant”, and uses a simple Arial font. The triangular “pennant” in the company name, also called a “pennon” was originally the sign of command and was traditionally first hoisted when a captain commissioned his ship, but it can also be a pin or marker on a map in Geology. The monochrome and red palette was extended to the design of post headers.
Applications: Stationery (letterheads and business cards), financial documents, contracts, website

CoLAB Project Success

Industry: Management Consulting
The firm’s logo had to be aligned with the logo out of which it had originated. As a result the original log and the new company logo look very similar, including the tagline. The company owner equated his personal path to establishing the business, and also the typical client’s path to a successfully delivered project, to a pilgrimage such as the Santiago de Compostela. This is why many of the images on his website is from his own pilgrimage.
Brand applications: Logo, tagline, stationery, presentation templates, website, brochures, proposal template, project profiles, photography, diagrams, Corporate Identity Guide and Company Policies

Earthgro Fragrances, South Africa

Industry: Cosmetics – Fragrances (perfume) design and manufacturing
Backstory: The owner wanted to migrate his company from being a commercial plant nursery, to being a designer and manufacturer of perfumes. The market for commercial perfumery is highly competitive and glamorous, and the branding had to be on par with global standards. The branding had to be applied to the website, blog, perfume bottles and packaging. The new logo, “Earthgro Fine Fragrances”, was refreshed but retained as the main brand and that of the operating company. The new brand, “Maxiamo Perfumes”, was developed as the brand representing the owner as a parfumeur or professional perfumer, and the logo that would go on to in-house developed perfumes.
Brand applications: logos (multiple), website, blog contents/blogging, bottle and cap design inputs, brochure, product images and narratives, product videos


Tetra Tech Canada – ICE Division

Industry: Consulting Engineering
Backstory: Design of a logo for a consortium of companies, including Tetra Tech, bidding on a large, municipal wastewater treatment plant facility. The purpose was to create a unified image and not distract the issuer of the tender with the many different names in the consortium.
Brand applications: Proposal document

Logo used to represent consortium of five companies

Private wine label – Happy Trails Sip ’n’ Run – logos

Backstory: Glen and Lucy Koropchuk have an annual get-together where they and their friends stroll/jog from winery to winery in Summerland in the Okanagan (in other words, they “sip and run”). They needed the artwork of the logo they used on the gift bottles of wine, which they present on this occasion, to be cleaned up and changed to reflect the different wine grape varieties that are bottled. Phase 1 was a simple cleanup of the low-res artwork, phase 2 was modernising the look and feel of the logo and label.
Brand applications: bottle labels, T-shirt print, bag patch

Realyst Contract Management – New logo + full-scope branding

Leon Krüger Architects – Amended logo, presentations, videos, original website

Ooteman Attorneys – Genealogy research, logo and stationery

Geostatistical Association of Southern Africa – Logo design generated in competition for a new brand

Other logos