Consulting Services for the Natural Resources Extractive Industries


Red Pennant consists of Red Pennant Communications and Red Pennant Geoscience.

Red Pennant Communications – Geoscience

Red Pennant Geoscience offers independent Geoscience consulting by Mike O’Brien, P.Geo. Services include:

  • 3D geological modelling
  • Geostatistical mineral resource estimation
  • Mineral resource management
  • Mentoring and guidance

Red Pennant Communications operates in British Columbia, Canada, under a Permit to Practice from Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia (EGBC).

Geoscience clients include both mining companies and engineering consulting firms.

Red Pennant Communications – Business Development

Red Pennant Communications Corp. (“Red Pennant Communications”), founded in 2006, offers Business Development services under the leadership of Marthe Bijman.

Red Pennant Communications offers business development services and products that are specifically designed to support the business development plans of business owners and professional consultants in the Mining & Minerals and Oil & Gas industries.

Red Pennant Communications offers services and products that are;

  1. compliant with bid specifications and industry regulations,
  2. responsive to bidders’ enquiries
  3. specific and specialized,
  4. reliable, and
  5. correct.

We provide services to owners of mining projects or operations, and to consulting engineering firms in the Mining & Minerals industry.

We can develop marketing materials and proposals about all aspects of the mine life cycle, from exploration, through studies, to EPCM and beyond, including Geological Modelling and Resource Estimation, studies and technical reports from Preliminary Economic Assessments to Feasibility Studies, Metallurgy and Mineral Processing, water, wastewater and tailings management, etc.

We offer business development services and products for consulting engineering firms that provide services to the Oil & Gas industry; upstream, midstream and downstream-focused proposals and marketing materials.

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