Marthe Bijman – President and Director, Red Pennant Communications

Marthe Bijman, M.A., Hons. B. Journalism, APMP-Foundation™, CPRP, APR

Marthe Bijman has more than 20 years of experience in corporate communications, marketing and business development. She specializes in the Resource Extraction Industries – Mining & Minerals, Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater. She has worked for tech companies for more than 10 years and for mining and mining engineering companies for more than 15 years. She created Red Pennant Communications in 2006, offering marketing communications, branding and business development services. In 2019, Red Pennant Geoscience, led by Mike O’Brien,  became part of the company.

Her clients describe her as;

“…very efficient and a workaholic with a spirit of enquiry and curiosity, who is able to succinctly synthesize complex information. On projects she provides much needed focus to the important aspects and delivers polished and timely work. She is an excellent writer who can make almost any subject compelling. She has an uncanny ability to put people’s thoughts and ideas into words, a truly useful skill.

In Business Development, she combines her strengths with those of the team to help businesses recover during downturns. The bids and proposals that she produces are strategic in nature and winning propositions. She brings meticulous attention to detail and superior commitment to doing a comprehensive job in every task she undertakes. She is a pleasure to work with, she asks the right questions before a project begins to thoroughly understand the project requirements and works diligently to achieve just the right outcomes.”

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1. Professional Record

April 2019 – ongoing  Director  Red Pennant Geoscience, a division of Red Pennant Communications Corp.
Aug. 2014 – ongoingPresident & DirectorRed Pennant Communications Corp., Vancouver, Canada
Jan. 2021 – ongoingBusiness Development ConsultantTetra Tech Canada Inc., ICE Division (Oil & Gas, Mining, Water Treatment)  
Nov. 2020 – ongoingProposal Writer – ConsultantTetra Tech Canada Inc., PWR Division
(Power Transmission and Distribution)
Aug. 2018 – June 2020Consultant / Lead – Marketing and Business DevelopmentTetra Tech Canada Inc., ICE Division (Oil & Gas, Mining, Water Treatment)
April 2018 – Sept.  2019Chief Technical Officer – Semantics (Chief Semantics Officer)Minerva Intelligence, Inc., Vancouver, Canada
Aug. 2014 – April 2017Business Development Consultant Tetra Tech Canada Inc., Mining Division
July 2011 – Aug. 2014 (Canada)Communications SpecialistWardrop Engineering / Tetra Tech WEI / Tetra Tech, Inc., Canadian Mining Practice, Vancouver, Canada
Oct. 2010 – June 2011 (South Africa)Corporate Communications ManagerAnglo American Platinum, Division of Anglo American plc, Johannesburg, South Africa
Jan. 2008 – April 2010Business Development Consultant, T/A Red Pennant Communications (Pty) Ltd.Alstom S&E Africa (Pty) Ltd. – Alstom Power, Johannesburg, South Africa (*Acquired by GE, Nov. 2015)
Aug. 2006 – Oct. 2010Owner / Principal ConsultantRed Pennant Communications (Pty) Ltd.,  Johannesburg, South Africa – technology, engineering and retail clients
Dec. 2009 – May 2011Director and founder memberSouth African Institute of Information Technology Professionals (SAIITP), Johannesburg, South Africa
*For record prior to 2009, refer Section 8 of this page

2. Registrations – Experience – Languages

  • Association of Proposal Management Professionals APMP-Foundation™ Level, Jan. 2017 onwards
  • Chartered Public Relations Professional (CPRP), PRISA, since 2006
  • Accredited Public Relations Practitioner (APR), PRISA, since 2007
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Fluent in English, Dutch, German

3. Typical Business Development responsibilities and activities

Above: Model of Marthe Bijman’s responsibilities and activities in Business Development, specifically with regard to proposals. Some activities marked “X” are typically executed by the client’s management team for financial or legal reasons.The majority of activities in the “sales funnel” are usually carried out by Marthe Bijman as a member of teams of engineers, technicians, managers or Business Development personnel responsible for a bid or opportunity. Business Development includes Marketing and Communications.

4.1 Business Development Consultant for Tetra Tech Canada, Inc., ICE (Industrial, Commercial, Energy) Division

  • More than 60 proposals prepared in past 12 months (up to Aug. 2020)
  • For project description of a success story go to the Portfolio page
  • Every type of proposal
  • Acted in various roles – entry level to management:
    • Capture Manager (analyzes opportunity, identifies resources, coordinates contributors, identifies Win Theme)
    • Proposal Manager (end to end)
    • Knowledge Manager
    • Production Manager
    • Coordinator/Contributor
    • Writer
    • Editor
    • Graphic Designer
    • Desktop Publisher
  • Developed large repository of collateral for proposals:
    • Fixed division’s résumé and CV formats and quality
    • Fixed division’s project profile generation and quality
    • Cleaned up historical databases (Mining and Oil & Gas)
  • Helped to get solutions for external project promotion
  • Helped improve specific aspects of proposals such as content integration, win themes, positioning and responsiveness

4.2 Minerva Intelligence Inc., Chief Technical Officer – Semantics (CSO), Vancouver, BC, Canada
Consultant for research and systems design on Linguistic aspects of Artificial Intelligence and machine language systems in Earth Sciences

For project description go to:

  • Flagship project: First machine language-compatible ontology of Land Use
  • Worked in small team of computer scientists, software engineers, Geographers, and Geologists
  • Employed to design the Syntax-based back-end (starting point) of a semantic web model for Earth Sciences
  • Purpose: to prepare the product suite for public launch, and the company for acquisition (successful, in Dec. 2018)
  • Linguistics input: text mining, conversion of pdf into tabular data, syntactic and semantic analyses, creation of value hierarchies, classified taxonomies and conversion of those into Web Ontology Language (OWL)
  • Nomenclature, functions, meanings, frequency and associations of terms in taxonomy
  • Raw data: Hierarchical INSPIRE Land Use Classification System (HILUCS), of European Union INSPIRE: INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe
  • Output: searchable, query-able database (“inferred, multi-hierarchical taxonomy”)

Go to this link for a pdf of a recent presentation of Minerva’s CIO, Clinton Smyth, which includes the application of the research done on this project:

5. Skills and Knowledge

  • Proposal production process, end-to-end
  • Business Development cycle
  • Public Relations
  • Writing, editing, graphic design
  • Managing deadlines and working in multi-discipline teams
  • Adequate subject-specific understanding of Engineering, Geoscience and Earth Sciences in Mining, and basics of Oil & Gas, and Municipal Water & Wastewater Management
  • Understanding of project contracting and financing (Consulting & Studies, EPC, EPCM, Design-Build, partnering, JVs
  • Understanding of requirements for communications with Indigenous Peoples in Canada

6. Software skills

Microsoft Office:
Mac OS/iOS:
Apache OpenOffice:
Models, graphs, org charts:
Pdf formatting and editing:
Photo editing:
Layout and page design:
e-Book publishing:
Blogging & Social Media:
Video editing/production:
Online training development:
Shared platform:
Blog-to-book publishing:
Digital audio production:
Whole suite/all programs up to MS Office 2019
All suites, all apps, Microsoft Project
Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, etc.
Visio, Apache OpenOffice Draw, Google Chrome
Adobe Acrobat X Pro, Nuance
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), Adobe Photoshop
MS Office, Pages, Adobe InDesign
Blurb BookSmart, BookWright
WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
iMovie, Biteable
Articulate 360
Prezi 3D, PowerPoint 2D,   Keynote  2D, Biteable
Basic HTML 5
CloudPrinter Global Print API in JSON
GarageBand and Logic Pro for Mac OS/iOS

For showcase of Marthe Bijman’s graphic design and photo editing skills, go to:

7. Career highlights

7.1 Red Pennant Communications & Geoscience – President, Director

Consulting on:

  • Business Development
  • Proposals
  • Branding
  • Marketing & Internet presence
  • Social Media & SOE
  • Public Relations

For a showcase client website designed and managed by Marthe Bijman go to:

Clients – Red Pennant Communications & Red Pennant Geoscience, Canada:

  • Tetra Tech Canada Inc.
  • Avino Silver and Gold Mines
  • Charaat Gold Holdings
  • CWA Engineers
  • Ausenco Ltd.
  • Minerva Intelligence
  • GHD Consulting Engineers
  • City of Burnaby – Engineering
  • CoLab Project Management
  • Maxiamo Perfumes t/a Earthgro Fragrances (Pty) Ltd.

Clients – Seven Circumstances Literary Promotions:

  • Packt Publishing
  • Linda Leith Publishing
  • Quirk Books
  • Numerous authors – Marthe Bijman’s Literature website/blog

7.2 Tetra Tech Canada, Inc., Communications Specialist & Business Development Consultant

  • Business Development support
  • Marketing
  • Audits
  • Web contents
  • Internal communications
  • Project data & documentation management

7.3 Anglo American Platinum, Corporate Communications Manager

  • Communication strategy & planning
  • Team management; supplier management
  • Reporting
  • Brand transition management
  • Investor Relations
  • Internal communications (group-wide)

7.4 Alstom S&E Africa (Pty) Ltd. – Alstom Power, Business Development Consultant

Consultant on Alstom’s bid for EPCM of Turbine Generator & Condenser Island; Control and Instrumentation System & Flue Gas Desulphurisation System of new “Medupi” & “Kusile” Coal-Fired Power Stations – contract worth est. €200-million / US$266.5 million (bid was successful)

  • Proposal strategy
  • Social Investment program design
  • JV design and implementation
  • Program design
  • Cost estimate calculations and auditing
  • Architectural and property acquisition planning
  • Full proposal presentation design
  • Presentation management
  • Amendments, query responses
  • Reporting

8.  Positions prior to 2006

  • 2002 to 2006 – General Manager: Group Marketing, Arivia.Kom (Pty) Ltd. (infotech co.), Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 1999 to 2002 – Marketing Director, CS Holdings (Pty) Ltd. (infotech co.), Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 1998 to 1999 – Group Corporate Communications Manager, Spicer Holdings (Pty) Ltd. (infotech co.), Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 1987 to 1998 – Change Management Agent, Senior Communications Officer, Training Officer, Gold Fields of South Africa Limited (senior mining company)

9. Academic record and achievements

  • M.A. (Applied Linguistics and Literary Sciences), Feb. 1992 – May 1994, University of Johannesburg / R.A.U., Johannesburg, South Africa
    76% | A+ | Cum Laude – With Distinction | First Class | 4.25 GPA
  • B. Journalism (Honours) – Post-graduate Honours Degree in Journalism, Jan. 1984 – Jan. 1985, University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa
    70% | A–| First Class| 3.75 GPA
  • B.A. (Honours) – Post-graduate Honours Degree in Afrikaans & Dutch Literature, 1983, University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa
    70% | A– | First Class | 3.75 GPA
  • B.A. – Liberal Arts Degree, Feb. 1980 – Nov. 1982, University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa
    57.5% |B– | Lower Second | 3.00 GPA
  • Special Student in Arts – German as a Foreign Language, 1985, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
    90% | A+ | With Distinction | First Class | 4.25 GPA
  • H. Dip. Ed (Postgraduate) (Secondary) – Post-Graduate Teaching Diploma in Secondary Education, 1986, University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa
    67.5% | A–| Upper Second | 3.75 GPA  
    • Major in English Medium Teaching
      75% | A+ | With Distinction | 4.25 GPA
  • Practitioners’ Certificate in Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET), 1995 –
    1996, University of South Africa (UNISA), Pretoria, South Africa
    80.5% | A+ | With Distinction | 4.25 GPA
  • Master Trainer Certificate in Suggestopædic Accelerated Learning and Teaching (SALT) of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Nov. 1987 – Nov. 1989, Institute for Language Teaching, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa & Gold Fields of South Africa Limited, Johannesburg, South Africa
    80 – 100% | A | With Distinction | 4.25 GPA