Portfolio of projects

The beautiful world of perfume – New logos for Maxiamo brand

The world is full of perfumers, large perfume manufacturers, perfume houses as old as the history of some countries. When youngContinue Reading

Winning mining engineering propositions in a market downturn

It is a specific and challenging undertaking to do business development in a market that is notorious for crashes andContinue Reading

Developing SOQs for specific minerals experiences

Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) are standard documents that companies provide when they respond to Requests for Information (RFIs). These usuallyContinue Reading

Success factors for large mining CAPEX proposals

Tetra Tech Canada’s Mining Division in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, competed in a bid for Capital Project Engineering Services of for a largeContinue Reading

Tell a compelling story with the right references

Management consultancies are typically not created out of the blue.  Consultants often provide businesses with specialized information and knowledge, more economicallyContinue Reading

Organic chemistry website with aesthetic appeal

South African company Maxiamo Perfumes® produces in-house perfumes as well as commercial perfumes for large fashion retailers. The perfumes are designedContinue Reading

Communication for orderly change at the City of Burnaby

In 2015, the Engineering Department of the City of Burnaby, BC, started a project involving the establishment of a new, dedicatedContinue Reading

Coming up with a significant differentiator for a multi-million-euro competitive bid

The proven way to add value is to do extremely difficult work, the kind of work that no-one else hasContinue Reading

Mass workforce demographic analysis and new media for mining company

Anglo American Platinum (“Amplats” colloquially) is the world’s largest producer of platinum. At the time of this case study, theyContinue Reading