Developing SOQs for specific minerals experiences

A GHD client: BHP Billiton, Nickel West, Australia (Source: BHP Billiton website)

Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) are standard documents that companies provide when they respond to Requests for Information (RFIs). These usually consist of descriptions of their services, products, people or teams, a list of similar projects or work (Representative Projects list), more detailed project descriptions for highlighted projects, contact details and commercial details such as types of contracts undertaken.

The client – GHD Engineering

After initial discussions in May 2018, in June 2018 Marthe Bijman of Red Pennant was contacted by Patty Moore, Business Development Manager – Mining Canada, and Jake Alexander, Mining Service Line Leader North America, both of engineering consultants GHD. At that time Marthe was a contractor to GHD, and had helped them with proposals.

Scope of Work

The brief was to provide the newly formed North American Mining service line with a suite of SOQs. These would be based on some existing and mostly new information, and would be required to support the Mining team’s business development efforts.

At that time, GHD had already developed a considerable profile in the Mining industry outside of Canada and had a long track record. The SOQs were supposed to highlight the North American and Canadian resources and skills against the background of the company’s established services.

Content creation

Six SOQs designed to look like brochures were required.

  1. General company introduction
  2. Front-end Studies
  3. precious Metals
  4. Base Metals
  5. Industrial Minerals
  6. Energy Minerals – Focus on Lithium

Each SOQ document contained:

  • Descriptive text
  • Project lists and the raw data from which those were created
  • Photos
  • Models
  • Alignment with current market drivers


The goal was to create brochure-like, 4-page and 6-page brochures from the original raw Word document Mining Sector Statement of Qualifications that had been left incomplete. The documents had to be written and designed at the same time due to the limitations set on the number of pages.

Other requirements were:

  • For the Canadian/North American market
  • MINING – not other industries (Oil & Gas, etc.)
  • Graphics – photos, maps, graphs
  • Byline in footer
  • 5 main service areas
  • Eliminate repetition of services within different service categories
  • Include a separate experience blurb/section
  • Include key skills:
    • Environment
    • Water
    • Risk management
    • Data management
    • 24/7 emergency services

Graphics were created to illustrate:

  • Example output from integrated cost-time quantitative risk analysis
  • Cost time ratio on studies
  • GHD engineering services time line
  • GHD lithium extraction services
  • GHD mine development stages and stage gates
  • GHD mine life cycle and decision points
Graphic of GHD’s cycle of mining services

The documents were given the same company look-and-feel but were differentiated by their colour schemes. More than 40 photos were sourced from internal sources to illustrate the documents.

GHD was provided with all the original materials from which the SOQs had been derived, as well as the finished documents as Word, Pages and pdf files. The project closed out in Nov. 2018.

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