Red Pennant – Business Development Services

Red Pennant Communications can deliver a wide range of services to execute your Business Development (BD) plans. Our services include the following activities, consistent with the typical BD cycle. Each stage of the cycle has specific interactions and deliverables (as on the model, below):

  • Market identification and segmentation
  • Account planning and win strategy determination
  • Opportunity planning including “killer strategy” and definition of USP
  • BD planning including scope and media mix
  • Preparing technical reports for publication
  • Proposal management
  • Marketing materials production

1. Area of specialization: Proposal Management

Proposals types with which we have experience and which we have successfully produced include the following:

  • Pre-proposal, preliminary proposal
  • White paper, business case/case study
  • Letter of intent
  • Partnering or teaming proposal that may be issued by one party or incorporate contributions by many parties
  • Unsolicited proposal
  • Simple “letter” proposal
  • Solicited proposal (RFP, RFQ, RFI or EOI )
  • Informally solicited proposal (sole source proposal)
  • Renewal or competing proposal (“ghosting” proposal)
  • Supplemental proposal, issued for clarification

2. Area of specialization: Preparation technical reports for publication

  • Integration of contributions and report sections on behalf of the study leader
  • Proofreading, editing and rewording
  • Obtaining sign-offs from contributors for the edited sections
  • Language and statement checking to ensure that the report meets reporting standard requirements
  • Creation of graphics
  • Formatting to the required standard(s)
  • Arranging independent subject matter expert review for sections of the draft, if required, and integrating recommendations
  • Arranging report peer review to assess the overall quality and compliance, if required, and integrating recommendations
  • Sanity checking for compliance
  • Extracting text and graphics for other media such as news releases, presentations and videos
  • Obtaining sign-offs from report authors on the news release

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