“Marthe was appointed as the General Manager Marketing as a result of her exceptional experience in the Marketing field andContinue Reading

Farhana Safedien, Account Manager, Microsoft

“There is a lot more to designing logos than we initially thought. We now have a very professional logo inContinue Reading

Michael Mattera, Principal Resource Analyst & GASA Committee Member

“Marthe has been hired by us [Realyst Contract Risk Management] as an outsourced specialist in marketing. Fortunately for us MartheContinue Reading

Rivaj Parbhu, Senior Consultant at Control Risks South Africa

“Communications Genius! Articulate! Inspiring! Marthe would be on my team – anytime.” – Rakesh Beekum, Chairman of XBRL SA Board, SouthContinue Reading

Rakesh Beekum, Chairman of XBRL SA Board

“Marthe’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to doing a comprehensive job in every task she undertakes is superior. SheContinue Reading

Robin Fawcett, former Marketing Communications Director at Tetra Tech MMI

“Marthe has an uncanny ability to put my thoughts and ideas to words. It truly is a skill that isContinue Reading

Johan G. Steenkamp, CoLAB PS, Canada

“Marthe provided much needed focus to the important communication aspect of our re-organization project. She brought good skills and experienceContinue Reading

Leon Gous, Director of Engineering, City of Burnaby

“Marthe combined her strengths with those of the team to recover the business – helping to pull it out ofContinue Reading

Jake Alexander, Manager, EPCM Projects, Tetra Tech Canada, Mining & Minerals

“Good kick-off meeting delivered a good proposal outline. Understood exactly what the client was looking for from RFP documents whichContinue Reading

Mike Desilets, General Manager – Prairie Region, Tetra Tech Canada