Tools and templates provided by Red Pennant Communications

Developing standardized business development templates is a laborious and costly process for most businesses. Businesses on a low level of maturity have to spend hard-earned revenue on developing templates which would allow them to quickly respond to opportunities and save on future labour. To save businesses these development costs, Red Pennant Communications can provide many different templates, which can be quickly adapted to suit any business in the Mining sector. The templates simply have to be adjusted to match the business’s branding or corporate identity. Red Pennant has a large collection of tools used to deliver business development services for the use of their clients.

We also provide our clients with guidance on how to manage certain marketing activities by themselves (refer the Red Pennant Pocket Guide, bottom of the page).

Templates include:

  • Proposals (all types) style sheets and outlines,
  • Patrick G. Riley’s One Page Proposal outline,
  • Presentations,
  • News releases/press releases,
  • Company blurbs and USPs,
  • Company website & social media pages,
  • e-newsletters,
  • Technical reports (standard formats),
  • Fact sheets,
  • Project profiles,
  • Professional CVs and biographies,
  • Case studies,
  • Subject Matter Expert opinion pieces or “expert interviews”,
  • Representative project (RP) lists,
  • Brochures,
  • Segmented client lists,
  • Disclaimers and opt-in/opt-out clauses

Tools include:

  • Business Development maturity assessment questionnaire,
  • Bidder comparison matrix,
  • Proposal compliance matrix,
  • Executive summary outline,
  • One-page profile outline,
  • Features/benefits guide,
  • Differentiator formula,
  • Price-to-win formula,
  • Language style guide,
  • Language level assessment,
  • Graphics style guide,
  • Multiple language specialized user glossary,
  • Performer agreement,
  • Sponsorship agreement,
  • Copyright agreement,
  • Creative brief outline,
  • Checklist for persuasive writing

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Examples of products developed using standard tools and templates:

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