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The secret of the perfect interview: Mike Wallace’s Chemistry of Confidentiality

The secret of the perfect interview: Mike Wallace’s Chemistry of Confidentiality

December 1, 2017

Mike Wallace was a long-serving, multi-award-winning journalist reporting on the CBS program, 60 Minutes. Recently CBS aired Jeff Fager looks back on 50 years of “60 Minutes”, which contained a memorable moment from Wallace where he really hit the nail on the head about how to get the perfect interview. His secret was what he called […]

I hate Mineral Resource Estimation!

I hate Mineral Resource Estimation!

October 12, 2017

Published October 6, 2017 Author: Mike O’Brien, Senior Principal Consultant, P.Geo., Pr.Sci.Nat. I started a resource update a couple of weeks ago. You may know the feeling… Not looking forward to: Weeks of fiddling about trying to get a geological model to fit the data. All those gaps and messy intersecting triangles inevitably leaving the best grade […]

Don’t proofraed your own stuff – and here’s why.

Don’t proofraed your own stuff – and here’s why.

October 6, 2017

I agree with all the above advice from David Ogilvy on how to write anything actually – but definitely how to write business contents. I particularly agree with points 7 and 8: Never send a letter or memo on the day you write it. Read it aloud the next morning, then edit it. If it […]


Our clients are always complimentary about our work. Here they are in their own words.

“Marthe combined her strengths with those of the team to recover the business – helping to pull it out of the downturn. The bids and proposals she produces are not standard documents, but are strategic in nature and different from the norm in order to produce winning propositions.” – Jake Alexander, Manager, Strategic Projects (Nov. 2014 – June 2017), Tetra Tech Canada

Jake Alexander, Manager, EPCM Projects, Tetra Tech Canada, Mining & Minerals

“Marthe provided much needed focus to the important communication aspect of our re-organization project. She brought good skills and experience to both the communication deliverables and the change process as a whole. Her work was always polished and timely.” – Leon Gous, Director of Engineering, City of Burnaby Canada

Leon Gous, Director of Engineering, City of Burnaby

“Marthe has an uncanny ability to put my thoughts and ideas to words. It truly is a skill that is extremely useful in ensuring that the right message is articulated, which is a critical requirement for any Change Management intervention.” – Johan Steenkamp, Director, CoLAB Project Success Canada

Johan G. Steenkamp, CoLAB PS, Canada