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I abhor the Nestlé Pure Life commercial – here’s why

I abhor the Nestlé Pure Life commercial – here’s why

October 19, 2018

I just hate this commercial. Every time I see it I get absolutely furious. It is patently, obviously, in-your-face WRONG on just about every level. This is the latest Nestlé bottled water commercial, showing on Canadian TV. It shows a well-dressed, well-fed little white girl, complete with safety goggles, drinking  bottled water and asking “what can […]

Reconciliation – Harder than it looks!

Reconciliation – Harder than it looks!

September 30, 2018

Published May 8, 2018 Author: Mike O’Brien, Technical Director, Geology & Resources, P.Geo., Pr.Sci.Nat. Reconciliation – Harder than it looks! – Presentation delivered at the CIM Convention 2018 Reconciliation involves the collection of tonnage, grade (quality) and contained metal (product) data from disparate and hopefully independent sources. These data may be compared by means of ratios, to […]

How to make a safety video that isn’t unwatchable

How to make a safety video that isn’t unwatchable

May 4, 2018

Safety videos. Oh dear. Yawn. Bo-o-o-o-ring. ZZZZzzzzzz. On April 17, 2018, an in-flight accident on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 proved that people mostly do not notice, watch or obey safety information. On this flight, debris from an engine failure smashed a window on the plane. A rupture of this kind in the body of an aircraft […]


Our clients are always complimentary about our work. Here they are in their own words.

“Good kick-off meeting delivered a good proposal outline. Understood exactly what the client was looking for from RFP documents which allowed us to focus on delivering a pointed proposal. Marthe has worked with the mining group and was able to source and provide excellent write-ups. Took pride in document and went the extra mile to help us deliver a winning proposal. This proposal was shortlisted and Tetra Tech has a presentation scheduled in front of the [—] Capital Project Engineering selection panel.” – Mike Desilets, General Manager – Prairie Region, Tetra Tech Canada

Mike Desilets, General Manager – Prairie Region, Tetra Tech Canada

“Marthe combined her strengths with those of the team to recover the business – helping to pull it out of the downturn. The bids and proposals she produces are not standard documents, but are strategic in nature and different from the norm in order to produce winning propositions.” – Jake Alexander, Manager, Strategic Projects (Nov. 2014 – June 2017), Tetra Tech Canada

Jake Alexander, Manager, EPCM Projects, Tetra Tech Canada, Mining & Minerals

“Marthe provided much needed focus to the important communication aspect of our re-organization project. She brought good skills and experience to both the communication deliverables and the change process as a whole. Her work was always polished and timely.” – Leon Gous, Director of Engineering, City of Burnaby Canada

Leon Gous, Director of Engineering, City of Burnaby